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Meditation For Me

工作的忙碌,生活不得闲,运动也越来越少了。信息泛滥,社交泛滥,人的注意力也跟着涣散起来。这几天重新在nyt上看到How Meditation May Change Your Brain,惊觉我本人就需要一番meditate。马上行动,从亚马逊上找到了好些相关的书籍,准备先从for dummies那个很简单的开始这个mindfulness吧,让自己的心沉静下来,step by step, get focused。

附上Time Magazine上面最简单的步骤(Link):

1.   F I N D   A   Q U I E T   P L A C E 
If it helps, turn out the lights. The fewer distractions you have, the easier it will be to concentrate

2.   C L O S E   Y O U R   E Y E S   
The idea is to shut out the outside world so your brain can stop actively processing information coming from the senses

3.   P I C K   A   W O R D,   A N Y   W O R D 
Find a word or phrase that means something to you, whose sound or rhythm is soothing when repeated

4.   S A Y   I T   A G A I N   A N D   A G A I N 
Try saying your word or phrase to yourself with every outbreath. The monotony will help you focus

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